Daily requirements

Daily nutrition requirements for pregnant women

Food group1st trimester2nd and 3rd trimesters
Fruits2 cups daily2 cups daily
Vegetables2 cups daily3 cups daily
Grains6 ounces daily8 ounces daily
Meats and beans5 ounces daily6 ounces daily
Milk3 cups daily3 cups daily

Source:, My Pyramid Plan for Moms

What is a portion?

It can be hard to figure out what's an ounce or a cup without measuring everything you eat. Here are some easy guidelines:

1 cup of salad greens = the size of a baseball

cup of chopped fruits and vegetables = the size of a light bulb

1 ounces of cheese = the size of four dice

3 ounces of meat or fish = the size of a deck of cards

2 tablespoons of peanut butter = the size of a Ping-Pong ball